Thursday, 3 May 2018

Now in the countdown minutes you will get your stolen phone, the government will bring this system

Now in the countdown minutes you will get your stolen phone, the government will bring this systemNow no one can misuse your stolen mobile phone and neither can use it. If the thief or hackers try to use it by changing the mobile's IMEI number, the smartphone will be lost. Because the telecommunications technology center has prepared a special system for it. Hackers alter the phones stolen by the IMEI number and it seems to be used in the market. But now it is not possible. You will get your stolen mobile in minutes of counting.Telecommunication Technology Center has created a mobile device register-MER system. Under this, now the stolen mobile can easily be tracked. This system will be implemented from July. The system will be handed over to the police as soon as its trial is completed in Maharashtra.With this system, if your stolen phone's IMEI number has been changed, then this phone will be useless for it. Considering the increasing incidents of theft, this step has been taken and itsresponsibility has been given to C-DOT. With the help of now, the mobile stealer can easily catch the police.
The MER system will use the mobile's IMEI only. The World Mobile Union issues the IMEI number for each mobile phone. Under this, telecom companies will match the IMEI numbers issued for mobile with GSMA data. If it does not match, it will not be a signal. In this way, if someone stole your mobile and replaces its IMEI number, then no work will be done for mobile.

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