Thursday, 11 January 2018

Reliance Jio made tehelka in telecom industry with new offering

Reliance Jio made tehelka in telecom industry by offering free service for about one year under the Welcom offer. Gio Sim users were offered free service for about one year from the offer under the offer. That is, we can say that Geo has given the best services to all its users as soon as it arrives. Due to the arrival of Xiao, the first data that we got for 1 GB in about 300 rupees, now it gets around 1 GB per day and for this it only has to pay 300 rupees for 70 days.

It can be said that Geo has made very affordable services to mobile customers. Geo has always been making its tariff available in less money. All the services of Geo are still the cheapest. Telecom Operator Geo has offered many better offers to the customers than others. Now after the cashback of Reliance Jio's 399 on the recharge of Rs 3,300, now a new plan has been introduced, knowing that you will be jumping happily.

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